Welcome to the Virtual Golf Skills Competition

Welcome to the Golf Foundation Virtual Competition website. Here you can enter a score into our national Golf Foundation competition and it is open to all primary schools. With the competition being virtual you don’t need to leave your school to play. By playing our 4 fun games, you can see where your team’s score ranks in the whole of England.

A great introduction to golf

A great way to introduce pupils to golf, have fun and learn the basics.

Individual or team

The 4 Virtual Competition games can be used as a team challenge, School Games Values Festival or a ‘My PB ‘ personal best challenge.

To promote Healthy messages

Golf ticks all the boxes:
√ Physical Health
√ Mental Health
√ Social Health
Golf is a popular option to include in any ‘health week’ or health campaigns at your school.

Broader opportunities

Approximately 60 million people play golf globally. Providing the pupils in your school/community the opportunity will give them a great starting point to start playing golf. If your school offers golf you are broadening your offer to pupils and including an individual sport that can be played for a lifetime.

HSBC Golf Roots Centre

The Golf Foundation support a network of golf facilities that make up our HSBC Golf Roots Centres. Provide a pathway into golf for your pupils.

Curriculum, Active Breaks

Golf can be used throughout the whole school day and extended day.

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